Announcing Ziggy Playoffs

Ziggy is excited to announce a brand new tournament series: Ziggy Playoffs!

October 20, 2021

      Ever since 2011, when we launched Ziggy Online Debate, it’s been about empowering debaters—no matter where they live—to be able to hone their skills, engage in high quality competition, and learn to excel. We believe the best way to do that is to provide students with the maximum number of opportunities to debate (by offering 8 to 10 rounds instead of just the normal 6), and by allowing all students an equal chance to compete in as many of those rounds as they want in our main Season Tournaments.

     Our mission, and our Season Tournaments, are not changing.

     That being said, we know that one of the most exciting aspects about debate tournaments is the opportunity to not just put your skills to the test against other competitors, but to challenge—and be challenged—in head-to-head elimination rounds where you can (potentially) battle your way to the very top of the bracket, culminating in an exciting and intense Final Round.

     Our solution, for those who wish to participate, is Ziggy Playoffs.

     Ziggy Playoffs will build on the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from prior “fast paced” tournaments. Ziggy Playoffs is a 100% optional tournament that takes place concurrently with Ziggy’s Season Tournaments. It will start during the last half of a Ziggy Season Tournament and will be based on debaters’ performance in the Ziggy Season Tournament itself—so it’s exclusively for current Ziggy competitors.

     Ziggy Playoffs will have up to four (4) elimination rounds—octafinals, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals—for each style of debate (depending on the numbers). Any team that has completed at least four (4) rounds in the current Season Tournament and has a winning record at the time of registration qualifies for Ziggy Playoffs.

We will start with octafinals—which means each style of debate (NCFCA LD, Stoa LD, NCFCA TP, Stoa TP, and Parli) will be limited to sixteen (16) teams each, on a first come, first serve signup basis.

     Ziggy Playoffs will use a traditional transparent bracket system (highest seed vs lowest seed, etc.) that will be published on the Ziggy Members page. For semis and finals, debaters can request three (3) judges per round, although if both teams agree they can waive this and have only one (1) judge, if it will help reduce logistical/scheduling complexity.

     Ziggy’s famous Instant Ballot feature will remain 100% on for Ziggy Playoffs—you’ll get your ballots as soon as the judges submit them.

     Ziggy Playoffs is not for the faint of heart or those with exceptionally busy schedules already! Debaters will have a minimum of five (5) days to complete each round (there will be strict deadlines for when rounds must be completed by; if debaters complete their rounds ahead of schedule, we’ll make the next pairing early while still keeping the original deadlines in place, so it pays to get your rounds done sooner rather than later). Failure to complete the round on time will result in a double forfeit, so make sure that you schedule these rounds ASAP.

Registration Deadline: Nov 11, 2021, 11:59 PM CT
Tournament Begins: Nov 12, 2021
Quarterfinals: Finish by 8pm ET on Nov 16, 2021
Semifinals: Finish by 8pm ET on Nov 21, 2021
Finals: Finish by 8pm ET Dec 4, 2021 (extra two days) (final round will be recorded if possible, but will only be published on YouTube earlier in the league season with the consent of all parties)

PRICE: $10/person.