Fall 2022 Sponsor Recap

We're thrilled to have these amazing sponsors for our Fall 2022 Semester Tournament!

October 13, 2022

Dear current Ziggy competitors and judges,

We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our very generous sponsors for this tournament, if you hadn’t already met them. A number of college universities and organizations have agreed to offer various scholarships, prizes, and discounts to various Ziggy competitors. We have published several blog posts about those sponsors in the past few months, but we wanted to share them with you to make sure you check out these amazing opportunities.
All sections have links to our blog posts. The underlined section regarding each sponsor highlights the nature of their sponsorship and what prize(s) they’re offering to you.
Howard Payne University (HPU) is Ziggy Founder Isaac Sommers’s alma mater. HPU is a Christ-centered, close-knit academic community located in the heart of Texas since 1889, and offers more than 100 majors, minors and pre-professional programs in seven schools: Business, Christian Studies, Education, Humanities, Music and Fine Arts, Nursing, and Science and Mathematics.
The Guy D. Newman Honors Academy challenges students with a multidisciplinary curriculum and exciting travel opportunities. Co-curricular organizations include the Model UN, Moot Court and Student Speaker Bureau, and more than 25 student organizations round out the school’s extracurricular options.
HPU is generously awarding $60,000 Dean Scholarships for all 1st and 2nd place debate teams, and $56,000 Yellow Jacket Scholarships for all 3rd and 4th place teams. This amounts to up to 36 scholarships from HPU in the Fall and up to 44 scholarships in the Spring!
HPU President Dr. Cory Hines had this to say about HPU’s partnership with Ziggy: “As a Christian university, Howard Payne is committed to producing graduates who are prepared to navigate and lead in a complex world where diverse points of view are a constant. Over 17,000 of such graduates, including Ziggy Online Debate founder and director, Isaac Sommers, have earned Howard Payne University degrees since its founding in 1889. Ziggy Online Debate’s mission and vision align well with HPU’s longstanding commitment to fostering an atmosphere of open debate and inquiry, a foundational characteristic of higher education. Not only are we immensely proud to call Isaac Sommers a graduate of Howard Payne University, we are also proud to partner with Ziggy Online Debate to support the numerous virtual debate events hosted annually.”
Rhetoric LLC exists to equip Christians to communicate excellently for God’s glory. RhetoricLLC offers coaching, sourcebooks, camps, classes/clubs, and other resources for speakers and debaters. Ziggy has worked closely with the team behind Rhetoric LLC and are thrilled to be working with them again in this partnership-sponsorship capacity.
Rhetoric LLC CEO Josiah Hemp said: “Christian communicators need to be equipped not only with eloquence, but also with Biblical wisdom to know the truth and act rightly. Rhetoric LLC is guiding our students in both wisdom and eloquence.”
Christian students across the country are looking for coaching that is both excellent and grounded in God’s word. Rhetoric LLC believes that they don’t have to choose one or the other: in fact, it is crucial to have both. Christ matters more than any trophy, but in Christ we are called to strive for excellence.
Rhetoric is giving away FREE coaching packages to all of the 1st place teams for the Fall 2022 Tournament! CEO Josiah Hemp, twice national champion Emily Butts, and Rhetoric LLCcoaches are excited to give free coaching to winners. Our whole team of 8 top coaches is dedicated to helping students communicate the truth with excellence, and we would love to meet and coach you.
Located in Longview, TX, LeTourneau is the Christian Polytechnic University. LeTourneau students are a part of an authentic community at the intersection of faith, science, and technology. This community produces graduates of professional excellence, global reach, and eternal impact. “LeTourneau University is a comprehensive institution of Christian higher education where educators engage learners to nurture Christian virtue, to develop competency and ingenuity in their professional fields, to integrate faith and work, and to serve the local and global community.”
LeTourneau offers more than 140 different graduate and undergraduate programs. Relationships and community are hugely important at LeTourneau. They have a small average class size, of a little over 16 students per class on average. This, combined with their 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio, helps promote a close-knit community. LeTourneau attracts students from all over the nation, with several of the top states being students from Texas, California, Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Georgia. And students come from all over the world as well, with 39 different countries represented.
LeTourneau University is generously providing a free dual-credit class to all Top Speakers at our Fall 2022 Semester Tournament. Successful completion of the dual-credit class qualifies students for a $17,000/year scholarship (approximately 52% of tuition)!
Lasting Impact! is devoted to empowering competitors, parents, coaches, and clubs! They help students reach their goals. They help families understand the value of the art of communication. They help parents guide their students through the crazy world of Speech and Debate. They help equip coaches to better prepare their students to the fullest potential! They help support clubs, ensuring they have the tools and resources.
Lasting Impact! is providing a free Lasting Impact! ebook to all tournament champions (a $19.95 value).

Ethos Debate Communications, LLC is one of the oldest and most reputable speech and debate companies serving NCFCA and Stoa, currently run by head coach & owner Jadon Buzzard.

Ethos Debate is offering free Semester Membership in Ethos Legends for ALL 1st Place teams.

The Ethos mission is reflected in its name, which is a Greek work meaning “character,” or “credibility.” Ethos coaches don’t just train debaters to win (though win they do). Instead, the Ethos pedagogy seeks to instill their debaters with a sense of what it means to win well. The honing of rhetorical skill and mental sharpness cannot be disconnected from the development of character, and Ethos recognizes that. For this reason, Ethos Debate has a legacy of training some of the absolute best minds in the activity. Here’s what Ethos can offer you:

• Mastership Sourcebooks
• Private Coaching
• Ethos Legends
• The Ethos Blog
• Camps, Summits, and other events
• …and much more

Gold Sponsor: American Speech & Debate Association
ASDA has partnered with organizations you are probably already familiar with, including Lasting Impact and DFW Speech & Debate. ASDA is offering TP (“The United States Federal Government should significantly reform its import and/or export policy within the bounds of international trade”) and LD (“The individual right to property ought to be valued above the economic interest of the community”), and offers a variety of individual speech events. See more details here.

ASDA hosts a number of tournaments, both in-person and online, which you can check out at their Tournament Calendar.

The ASDA has generously offered $15 off of league membership for ALL Ziggy competitors, regardless of final placement.

Read the blog post here.

Integrity Communication was launched by Isaac Sommers and his mother Brenda Sommers based on two principles: (1) Integrity and Christian ethical conduct are inseparable from effective communication for followers of Christ Jesus, and (2) Effective communication requires the use of critical thinking skills and adapting to your audience.

Integrity Communication currently offers two pre-recorded training camps: Moot Court and Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy.
You can see the full list of our sponsors at ziggyonlinedebate.com/sponsors.
If you have any questions about any of our Sponsors or their sponsorship details, feel free to contact us.
The Ziggy Team