Our First Ziggy National Championship Sponsor: Rhetoric LLC!

We're excited to announce our first tournament sponsor: Rhetoric LLC!

March 21, 2022

Rhetoric LLC has generously offered to provide free coaching sessions for ALL tournament champions! (Read on for details.)

What is Rhetoric LLC?

Rhetoric LLC exists to equip Christians to communicate excellently for God’s glory. Rhetoric LLC will be offering coaching, sourcebooks, camps, classes/clubs, and other resources for speakers and debaters.

Why Rhetoric LLC?

“Christian communicators need to be equipped not only with eloquence, but also with Biblical wisdom to know the truth and act rightly,” CEO Josiah Hemp says. “Rhetoric LLC is guiding our students in both wisdom and eloquence.”

Christian students across the country are looking for coaching that is both excellent and grounded in God’s word. Rhetoric LLC believes that they don’t have to choose one or the other: in fact, it is crucial to have both. Christ matters more than any trophy, but in Christ we are called to strive for excellence.

Learn More About Rhetoric LLC

Rhetoric LLC’s website will go live in the next few weeks at RhetoricLLC.com. Until then, you can contact them at info@RhetoricLLC.com. If you have any questions, are interested in joining the team, want to set up a camp in your area, or are looking for coaching, Rhetoric LLC would be happy to help!

Rhetoric LLC’s Sponsorship

Rhetoric is giving away 2 coaching packages in a raffle. If you register for the Ziggy National Championship, you’re automatically entered in the contest. It’s that simple.

Rhetoric LLC has also generously offered 1 FREE coaching package to each of the tournament champions. That’s 8 coaching packages for each of the 8 champions (x1 NCFCA LD, x2 NCFCA TP, x1 Stoa LD, x2 Stoa TP, x2 Stoa Parli), plus 2 coaching packages for the raffle contest, for a total of 10 coaching packages from Rhetoric LLC.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!