Our First 2021 Championship Sponsor: Praxis

Ziggy & Lasting Impact! are excited to announce our first tournament sponsor: Praxis!

April 23, 2021

Praxis has generously offered to provide $1,000 scholarships for ALL tournament participants! (Read on for details.)

What is Praxis?

Praxis is a year-long program that matches you with a full-time paid apprenticeship at a growing business. This is ideal for motivated high school graduates, early-career professionals, and people who want to explore alternatives to college, grad programs, or trade schools.

How Does Praxis Work?

Praxis involves three parts. First, the bootcamp. For three months, you’ll learn how business works, explore your interests, and build real-world skills. Next, the placement. For the next three months, you’ll build out and showcase your skills, interview with companies, and ultimately get a job offer. Your Praxis placement advisors who will help you land a full-time apprenticeship job at a company you love. Third, the apprenticeship. For six months, you’ll actually work—gaining valuable experience, learn from professionals, and make money.

Praxis takes approximately 15 hours per week for the first 6 months (which is a combination of online live trainings, one-on-one coaching sessions, and project placement planning).

Read more about how it works and FAQs here.

What Are the Results?

Praxis has a proven track record. The average first-year income of Praxis graduates is $50,000. Praxis has hundreds of alumni, and 93% of apprentices are employed full-time by graduation from the one-year program. And perhaps best of all? The net cost—i.e., what you end up effectively paying for Praxis—eventually ends up at $0, because you get paid for your apprenticeship, and your income is more than the up front cost of the Praxis program (average income is about $2,500 per month during the 6 month apprenticeship phase).

But don’t just take their word for it—check out the Praxis alumni stories library here. The graduates speak for themselves.

Why Do Praxis?

College is often expensive. It’s also not for everyone. It worked for me (Isaac), but I also knew I wanted to be a lawyer—and that does require a college degree, and three years of law school. But many (if not most) home school debaters don’t go on to become lawyers.

Not everyone wants a highly specialized and licensed degree—and not everyone needs that. For plenty of people, and especially many home school debaters who are driven, motivated, and have an idea of the type of work they’d like to do, jumping right into the real world—after getting proven training for tangible skills—is an excellent career move, especially when the program’s net cost is zero dollars and it only takes one year.

I’m personally a huge fan of the Praxis model. I think more students should give this program real consideration, especially if you know you’re interested in some of the areas of Praxis’s specialities: business operations, sales, marketing, and customer support. Even if you’re not, check it out anyways. You might be surprised at what appeals to you.

Praxis Scholarships

If you compete in our tournament, Praxis has offered you a $1,000 scholarship off their tuition price (which is about $12,000). That’s an 8% discount—which is significant given the already low cost of the program.

The stipulations: That you start Praxis by Spring 2022, and apply and confirm your enrollment during 2021.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!