Various organizations have generously sponsored Ziggy Online Debate® tournaments by offering prizes, awards, and discounts to Ziggy debaters! Check out what these excellent organizations and people have to offer you

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Current Sponsors

Lasting Impact! – Gold Sponsor

Sponsorship Prize DetailsFree Sourcebook or eBook up to a $40 value from Lasting Impact! for all 1st place teams for Fall 2023

Lasting Impact! is devoted to empowering competitors, parents, coaches, and clubs!

  • They help students reach their goals.
  • They help families understand the value of the art of communication. 
  • They help parents guide their students through the crazy world of Speech and Debate.
  • They help equip coaches to better prepare their students to the fullest potential!
  • They help support clubs, ensuring they have the tools and resources. 

Ethos Debate – Gold Sponsor

Sponsorship Prize DetailsFree season pass to Ethos Legends for winners of the senior & Moot Court tournament in Fall 2023.

Ethos Legends is devoted to providing the highest quality speech and debate resources to competitors, clubs, and parents.

  • They offer coaching centered around true progress.
  • They have a high quality free blog.
  • They offer wonderful sourcebooks.
  • They offer a year round resource called Ethos Legends which is an exclusive discord server where competitors can collaborate with others and receive help from Ethos coaches. Members also receive 10% off Ethos products, weekly lectures, and monthly briefs.

American Speech & Debate Association (ASDA) – Gold Sponsor

Sponsorship Prize Details$15 discount on ASDA membership for ALL Ziggy competitors.

The American Speech and Debate Association (ASDA) is a faith-friendly organization that believes that formal speech and debate can provide a means for students to learn and exercise analytical and oratorical skills, addressing life issues in a manner that advances civil discourse, promotes expressions of faith and provides a sense of higher purpose. To provide these opportunities to students of all faiths, ASDA facilitates tournaments throughout the country.

See ASDA’s tournament calendar here, and learn more about their debate and speech events here.

Blackstone Moot Court – Silver Sponsor

Blackstone Moot Court is aimed at teaching students how to master skills that will last them for a lifetime. Their staff are a group of former Moot Court competitors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the next generation. They offer phenomenal coaching and camps. Blackstone students have routinely qualified to nationals, won oral advocate awards, and completed in finals rounds. At the last National Championship, every single one of the top 6 oral advocates learned from Blackstone.

Integrity Communication Speech & Debate Camps – Bronze Sponsor

Integrity Communication was launched based on two principles: (1) Integrity and Christian ethical conduct are inseparable from effective communication for followers of Christ Jesus, and (2) Effective communication requires the use of critical thinking skills and adapting to your audience.

Integrity Communication currently offers two pre-recorded training camps: Moot Court and Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy. 

*Note: All sponsor prizes are contingent upon a given event meeting the minimum number of team signups.