Spring 2023 Sponsor: American Speech & Debate Association!

The American Speech & Debate Association is one of our Spring 2023 Gold Sponsor!

February 22, 2023

We’re excited to announce that the American Speech & Debate Association is one of our Spring 2023 Gold Sponsors!

ASDA has partnered with organizations you are probably already familiar with, including Lasting Impact and DFW Speech & Debate. ASDA is offering TP (“The United States Federal Government should significantly reform its import and/or export policy within the bounds of international trade”) and LD (“The individual right to property ought to be valued above the economic interest of the community”), and offers a variety of individual speech events. See more details here.

ASDA hosts a number of tournaments, both in-person and online, which you can check out at their Tournament Calendar.

The ASDA has generously offered $15 off of league membership for ALL Ziggy competitors, regardless of final placement.

Click here to contact Abby Tree for more details on redeeming your discounted membership.

ASDA’s Mission

The American Speech and Debate Association (ASDA) is a faith-friendly organization that believes that formal speech and debate can provide a means for students to learn and exercise analytical and oratorical skills, addressing life issues in a manner that advances civil discourse, promotes expressions of faith and provides a sense of higher purpose. To provide these opportunities to students of all faiths, ASDA facilitates tournaments throughout the country.

Why choose American Speech and Debate Association

• ASDA provides competitors a respectful environment to express their thoughts and beliefs.
• ASDA assists youth in developing their critical thinking and public speaking skills.
• Competitors will improve their social-emotional skill by practicing advocacy and civility. 
• ASDA encourages collaboration and fosters friendships with those of varying beliefs.
• In ASDA, competitors are prepared for college and their careers through the opportunities to develop and present their ideas with clarity and respect.