Spring 2023 Sponsor: Howard Payne University!

Howard Payne University is once again sponsoring our Spring 2023 Tournament—with up to 44 scholarships for the top debaters!

Howard Payne University—our most generous sponsor to date—is sponsoring our Spring 2023, and is offering $60,000 Dean Scholarships for all 1st and 2nd place debate teams, and $56,000 Yellow Jacket Scholarships for all 3rd and 4th place teams. (Each event must meet our minimum number of signups for that event to start.)
This amounts to up to 44 scholarships this semester!
HPU President Dr. Cory Hines said the following about our sponsorship:

“As a Christian university, Howard Payne is committed to producing graduates who are prepared to navigate and lead in a complex world where diverse points of view are a constant. Over 17,000 of such graduates, including Ziggy Online Debate founder and director, Isaac Sommers, have earned Howard Payne University degrees since its founding in 1889. Ziggy Online Debate’s mission and vision align well with HPU’s longstanding commitment to fostering an atmosphere of open debate and inquiry, a foundational characteristic of higher education. Not only are we immensely proud to call Isaac Sommers a graduate of Howard Payne University, we are also proud to partner with Ziggy Online Debate to support the numerous virtual debate events hosted annually.”

Ziggy is proud to sponsor with founder Isaac Sommers’s alma mater, and we are excited to make higher education at a quality institution a more possible reality for our top students. 

SIGN UP NOW for Ziggy Online Debate’s Spring 2023 Semester Tournament at ziggyonlinedebate.com!