Spring 2023 Gold Sponsor: Rhetoric LLC

Thanks, Rhetoric LLC, for being one of our Spring 2023 Gold Sponsors!

February 20, 2023

Since early 2020, Ziggy Online Debate® has given away over three million dollars in scholarships to our students, thanks to amazing sponsors like Rhetoric LLC!

What is Rhetoric LLC?
Rhetoric LLC exists to equip Christians to communicate excellently for God’s glory. Rhetoric LLC offers coaching, sourcebooks, camps, classes/clubs, and other resources for speakers and debaters.

Ziggy has worked closely with the team behind Rhetoric LLC and are thrilled to be working with them again in this partnership-sponsorship capacity.

Why Rhetoric LLC?

“Christian communicators need to be equipped not only with eloquence, but also with Biblical wisdom to know the truth and act rightly,” CEO Josiah Hemp says. “Rhetoric LLC is guiding our students in both wisdom and eloquence.”

Christian students across the country are looking for coaching that is both excellent and grounded in God’s word. Rhetoric LLC believes that they don’t have to choose one or the other: in fact, it is crucial to have both. Christ matters more than any trophy, but in Christ we are called to strive for excellence.

Rhetoric LLC’s Sponsorship

Rhetoric is giving away FREE coaching packages to the 1st place teams of all TP, LD, and Parli (Team and Individual) debate events for the Spring 2023 Tournament! CEO Josiah Hemp, twice national champion Emily Butts, and Rhetoric LLC coaches are excited to give free coaching to winners. Our whole team of 8 top coaches is dedicated to helping students communicate the truth with excellence, and we would love to meet and coach you. 
Learn More About Rhetoric LLC at RhetoricLLC.com!
Registration is OPEN for Ziggy Online Debate’s Spring 2023 Semester Tournament! Stay tuned for other exciting updates in the coming weeks and months!