Learn All About ASDA's Tournaments With Cash Prizes! (And Ziggy Discounts)

The American Speech & Debate Association is one of our Spring 2023 Gold Sponsors!

March 16, 2023

A few weeks ago we announced that American Speech and Debate Association is one of our gold sponsors this spring. ASDA is offering TP and LD with NCFCA resolutions: TP (“The United States Federal Government should significantly reform its import and/or export policy within the bounds of international trade”) and LD (“The individual right to property ought to be valued above the economic interest of the community”), and offers various speech events. See more details here.

ASDA hosts a number of tournaments, both in-person and online, which you can check out at their Tournament Calendar. Their last qualifier to their national event is an online tournament on April 21st and 22nd. This tournament is offering cash prizes. We have attached two flyers from them with details. One is for the online tournament that they are offering mentioned above, and the other is for judge recruitment for their national championship they have coming up on May 19th and 20th at UT-Dallas.

Online Tournament Flyer

National Championship Flyer

The ASDA has generously offered $15 off of league membership for ALL Ziggy competitors, regardless of final placement.

If you are interested, click here to contact Abby Tree for more details on redeeming your discounted membership.