Ziggy Involvement Program


The Ziggy Involvement Program (ZIP) is designed to train up-and-coming entrepreneurs to participate in the running of a small business that provides a valuable public service for high school students. Not all positions are available at all times.

All ZIP participants may optionally request to participate in ZiggyX. ZiggyX gives ZIP participants the opportunity to work on or develop experimental Ziggy projects that can add value to the company and for clients. Successful development of a ZiggyX project can be a valuable addition to one’s resume.

Please note: we take privacy seriously. All ZIP participants are expected to and will be legally bound to keep confidential information (including customer data, proprietary software, and internal procedures) secret and must not share such information with anyone. Failure to follow this requirement will result in immediate termination and potentially legal action.

Ziggy Editor ($45–65/case set; Available)

A Ziggy Editor is responsible for authoring quality Affirmative & Negative cases & briefs for TP and LD, written with the dual goals of enabling a novice to easily pick up and use—with actual understanding—while also being a solid first-case-of-the-year for an experienced debater without a case of their own. Work will be completed over the summer; exact pay TBD but will be competitive with league-targeted sourcebook companies. A case set for TP is a 1AC+Aff backup+1-page Neg brief; a case set for LD is an Aff case + a Neg case. Pricing options depend on style of debate, resale options for the author, and promotion by Ziggy of the author’s business.

Basic Qualifications:

–Availability of 5–20 hours over the summer
–Strong research and writing skills
–Familiarity with Ziggy Online Debate
–Good communication skills

Ziggy Researcher (Unpaid; Position not available)

A Ziggy Researcher is responsible for performing discrete research tasks for Ziggy projects. This may include tasks such as researching past league tournament results, or providing analysis on possible Ziggy feature ideas, as well as any other projects that require research needs.

Basic Qualifications:

–Availability of 2–10 hours over the semester
–Familiarity with Ziggy Online Debate
–Good communication skills

Assistant Director (Paid; Position not available)

A ZIP Assistant Director is responsible for a number of tasks, including any combination of:

–Customer Support: Adjudication and Conflict Resolution
–Customer Support: Tech Support
–Customer Support: General Advising
–Customer Support: Registration Assistance
–Data Management: Debate Tabulation
–Data Management: Tabulation Verification & Awards
–Data Management: Registration-Tabulation Integration
–Data Management: Judge Registration Integration
–Software: Quality Assurance/Testing

Specific responsibilities are negotiable, depending on Ziggy needs.

ZIP participants responsible for customer support tasks are expected to respond promptly to customer inquiries.

Basic Qualifications:

–High school graduate
–Impeccable grammar and spelling abilities
–Some level of debate experience, ideally with NCFCA or Stoa
–Familiarity with Ziggy Online Debate
–Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets
–Familiarity with Dropbox
–Access to a personal computer and a personal smartphone with a data connection
–Good communication skills
–Availability of 2–5 hours per week, spread out throughout the week

Compensation: Negotiable, but will likely be based on either a percentage of semesterly revenue (to be paid monthly) or a flat bi-weekly amount. ZIP participants may also work for free to list this as a volunteer/service project.