Ziggy Ambassador Program

Ziggy Online Debate® Ambassador Program

Welcome to the Ziggy Online Debate® Ambassador Program!

The goal of the Ziggy Ambassador Program is to get even more debaters and clubs as excited about Ziggy Online Debate as you are. To that end, Ziggy students and interested clubs may sign up to become “Ziggy Ambassadors” (students) or “Ziggy Club Partners” (clubs).  Read the details carefully, then apply at the bottom of the page.


Ziggy Ambassadors

Ziggy Ambassadors will receive a certain amount of points for every person they successfully convince to sign up for Ziggy and who lists them as their referral contact. This includes both people who have done Ziggy before and people who have never done Ziggy. Ziggy Ambassadors will receive more points for successfully referring new debaters, but all points can be redeemed for exciting prizes, including:

  • Ziggy tournament vouchers (usable for yourself or as a gift)
  • Gift cards
  • Ziggy t-shirts

If you’re interested in applying, you’ll be asked to fill out a brief history of your debate experience, including how many tournaments you usually compete in during a year and approximately how many debaters your club has, and why you want to be a Ziggy Ambassador. Once we review your application, we will contact you if you’re selected to be a Ziggy Ambassador. Once you’re accepted, you can start referring people to Ziggy! Remember, you’ll only get points if the people you refer give your name as the person who referred them to Ziggy—so make sure to tell them to put your name down!

A “successful referral” means that the person you referred (a) signed up and paid for Ziggy and (b) completed at least 1 debate.

Ambassador Business Cards

Once you’ve successfully referred at least 5 people to Ziggy (old or new), we’ll mail you some Ziggy Ambassador business cards for free that you can write your name on and use to hand out to people so they remember to list your name on the referral form.


  • 1 point = Successful referral of someone who’s done Ziggy before
  • 10 points = Successful referral of someone who has never done Ziggy before


  • Ziggy Tournament Vouchers (valid for 1 Ziggy tournament entry) = 30 points
  • $20–$25 Gift Cards = 50–60 points
  • Ziggy T-Shirt = 100 points

Ziggy Club Partners

Clubs can also participate in the Ziggy Ambassador Program by applying and encouraging a substantial number of the debaters in your club to do Ziggy. Club leadership may contact Ziggy to apply. Minimum requirements are that your club have at least 10 debaters (not debate teams; so 1 TP team = 2 debaters) and that the club will strongly encourage all debaters in the club to register for a Ziggy Tournament during the current Ziggy Tournament.

Clubs will be asked to indicate how many debaters they have (or expect to have) in their club this season. This does not count students who do only speech. While we recognize this number may change over the season, the reported number on the application will be the number we use for calculating rewards, whether membership increases or decreases. This is the “reported membership” figure.


  • 50% of reported membership registers for a Ziggy tournament: Club will receive 1 free Ziggy Registration Voucher that can be given to anyone in the club.
  • 90% of reported membership signs up for a Ziggy tournament: $5 refund for debaters from your club who are registered for a Ziggy tournament this season.

Signups stack for each Ziggy Tournament—so, if 90% of your club signs up for the Ziggy Fall 2022 Tournament, all of them will get a $5 discount/refund. And if 90% of your club signs up again for the Ziggy Spring 2023 Tournament, all of them will get another $5 discount/refund on registration for that tournament. If 90% signed up in the Fall, but only 40% signed up in the Spring, only the debaters who signed up in the Fall would get the $5 refund.


Ziggy Ambassadors cannot collect “double” points: If a club becomes a Ziggy Club Partner, Ziggy Ambassadors who are in that club won’t get points for referring their clubmates to Ziggy. They’ll only get points for referring non-clubmates, since the club will already receive benefits by being a Ziggy Club Partner.

Ziggy Online Debate® reserves the right to modify the details of the Ziggy Ambassador Program at any point. Points do not have cash value.