What Our Debaters and Judges Say

See what our debaters and judges have to say about Ziggy Online Debate.

“Ziggy is an amazing resource. The value for what you pay is extra-ordinary, and you face competition from around the nation to challenge and better your competitive edge and abilities. Without Ziggy, I likely would not have been able to place third in my region's championship for LD in 2021. It truly is a must for anyone doing NCFCA Lincoln Douglas Debate. Thank you to Isaac and the whole Ziggy Online Debate team for the years you've run this, the dedication you put into running this platform. God bless!"
Justus Carnley, competitor
"My partner and I were without a club, and had no way of knowing what the newest cases and ideas for the season were. When we joined Ziggy, that ALL changed! It provided us with a season changing amount of debate (and prep) with teams outside our region, preparing us for national level teams, while also allowing us to test several cases throughout the rounds. Because of Ziggy, we gained the needed bridge to excel in tournament competition. Not only did it provide us with an opportunity to debate, it connected us with debaters from all across the nation to prep and brief relevant cases. Quite frankly, I can't recommend Ziggy higher, and without it, I wouldn't be able to succeed in competitive debate. #Ziggy4Ever #CIA"
Justus Aryani, competitor
"As a regional champion (Lincoln Douglas), Ziggy champion (LD speaker and Moot Court), and currently National debater, I can confidently say that Ziggy is one of the main reasons for my success! If you are dedicated to succeeding in debate, Ziggy is the way to go; you will be met with equally dedicated students who will give you a quality round. In my personal opinion, practice is key to growth, and Ziggy is the most effective way to hold yourself to practicing consistently in the Fall and Spring. The best decision I made was choosing Ziggy! ."
"If you would like to improve your debate skills and practice debate cases, I couldn’t recommend Ziggy Online Debate more. I have debated over 20 times with Ziggy over the past two years, and I have enjoyed every bit of it. The feedback from my judges has been invaluable, both in choosing the best arguments and correcting poor communication."
William Galkin, competitor
“Ziggy Online Debate was a key factor in our daughter 'upping her game' through practice, great judge feedback, and excellent competition. Ziggy was a dynamic forum to refine arguments, try new CX approaches, and meet new competitors, all while getting immediate and detailed feedback from parents who are without question some of the country's very best and thoughtful judges. Without hesitation, I would say that Ziggy Online Debate was a key factor that elevated her from a competitive debater to a top national debater."
“Ziggy is a fantastic, flexible, and affordable way to prep for the debate season. The competition levels in the fall tournaments are always similar to what you will face at real tournaments. Much of the reason I felt confident going into the tournament season is because we’d been exposed to cases and had time to prep, test out strategies, and get feedback. Plus the Ziggy staff is awesome at working with students and parents to create a successful tournament.”
C. LANGKAMP, competitor
"Ziggy is a great way to prepare! It's a low-risk, high-reward way of delving into debate and getting a head start to the season."
Jennifer Pogson, competitor
"The Ziggy Spring 2021 Tournament was excellent preparation for Moot Court competition! It really helped me work through arguments before competition and get some strong practice questions under my belt early in the season. I would highly recommend Ziggy for Moot Court!"
Caleb Brown, competitor
“Ziggy Debate has given my children an opportunity to have so much more practice prior to the competition season! We saw great results at our tournaments, which I directly attribute to Ziggy. Issac is easy to work with and responded to all my emails in a timely fashion. We plan to use Ziggy again.
An NCFCA Mom/Judge
“Ziggy was the only available online debate that allowed my out of state Parli partner and me to prepare to conquer...and we did!”
Zachary K., competitor
“Ziggy Online Debates was the best online website for practice rounds. It has really helped me overall in the way that i am more prepared for tournaments. i encourage all to do Ziggy Online Debates as you will be grateful for the practice at a low price.”
David S., competitor (2018)
This is my first year of LD. I had no camp except a 4 hour one by a student. Ziggy gave me the boost I needed to push though and have a successful season. Way to go Ziggy! The best way to get a kickstart on the season!”
Perseus A., competitor (2018)
“This is an awesome website and since I live in a place where no one else debates I’m able to debate people all around the United States and get the practice I need.”
"The first time I participated in Ziggy was the qualifying tournament for Ziggy Nationals in 2020. My season had just been cut short and I had only gone to one tournament. Ziggy made it possible for me to gain more debate experience, especially against debaters outside of my region. As someone who has never made it to a national level tournament, this experience was invaluable. Participating in Ziggy during the fall before the 2021 season gave me the head start I needed in order to prepare myself as well as train my club members effectively in the cases and arguments that work well across the nation. After my best season yet, with two tournament wins and many high speaker awards, I came back to Ziggy before Nationals to compete in Ziggy Nationals. The debates in the weeks between Regionals and Nationals kept my skills sharp, and the confidence I gained through winning Ziggy Nationals gave me the ability to debate at NCFCA Nationals, only losing in outrounds to the National Champion. Ziggy is an invaluable source of practice and I would not be the debater I am today without them."
Deidra Hall, competitor
“Being able to debate at home, at your own time, and in an armchair takes so much of the stress out of practicing debate!”
Theresa R., competitor (2018)
“Ziggy Online Debate is such a useful resource for staying "in shape" with your debate skills. It definitely continues to help me each year I debate through Ziggy!”
Joseph T., competitor (2018)
“You can read a book about debate all day long (which is what I did), but the best way to learn debate is through practice. It’s through trying one thing and failing, and then trying another and succeeding. This is exactly what Ziggy allowed me to do. Finally, my learning wasn’t limited to tournaments. I saw my debating skills noticeably improve in the short time that I used Ziggy. Thank you so much!”
“I didn't do Ziggy in my first year of debate, last year. I wish I had! I did Ziggy this year, and it was phenomenal! Nothing can prepare you more for competition than doing a practice round every week! I was able to hear and prepare for cases outside of my club, try new things, run new cases, and get confident with the resolution - all before the first qualifier and continuing into the tournament season with Spring Ziggy. I saw a tremendous and continual improvement in my performance and speaker skills, and I attribute a large part of that to the practice I got from Ziggy. I will definitely be doing Ziggy for all of my remaining debate years and recommending it to everyone I talk to!”
Anna Zomer, competitor
“I would highly recommend Ziggy Online Debate to debaters at all skill levels. Preseason debates are a great way to get ready for the competitive season! In addition, because this program is available to all regions, debaters get exposure to a plethora of different styles and arguments. …Ziggy Online Debate provides an easy and organized way to develop skills, meet other debaters, and learn.”
Melissa Lueken, competitor
“The practice debates Ziggy offers in the comfortable atmosphere of your home develop the knowledge and skill needed for competition and understanding of the resolution, all at an extremely affordable price! The quality of experience we gained through Ziggy and the professional service demonstrated was absolutely superb.”
Hannah Vecseri, competitor
“…my debate club meets only once every week. I didn't want to debate only once every week. I wanted something that would take me to the next level. Ziggy debate was the perfect tool to add to my experience. With the extra debate rounds under my belt I am able to debate much more confidently and effectively. Thanks Ziggy!”
Stephen Peel, competitor
“I am thankful for Ziggy on-line debate. In our earlier years of involvement with debate, we would have to travel for hours and spend days at practice tournaments in order for our kids to practice. Ziggy on-line debate has saved us a lot of time and $.”
Tracy Everetts, judge/PARENT
“Ziggy was a fantastic way to start the year, something that I hope to do every single season for the remainder of my debate experience in the NCFCA. The ability to talk and debate with national-level debaters from other regions all across the nation is unparalleled; and long before the national opens or anything else. Ziggy is a unique opportunity…”
Caleb Scott, competitor
“Isaac, you did a fantastic job coordinating all of this, and you were very helpful and responsive whenever we had a question. Ziggy Debate is a great idea - what a wonderful way to give competitors a forum in which to practice prior to the competition season. The knowledge and insights gained on the resolution, the ability to debate people from other regions, the chance to try out original and modified cases - these are just some of the benefits we have experienced. Thank You!!!”
Victoria Ostertag, COMPETITOR
“Ziggy Debate offers a fantastic start to the debate season as it applies to both novice and experienced debaters. It closely emulates a practice tournament, and it's a fun way to meet competitors outside of your region!”
Avery Robinson, competitor
“…last year I didn't do Ziggy. I'm glad I did it this year! Any practice you can fit in before the heat of competition begins is worth the time and the effort. Ziggy is the perfect way to practice with cases and arguments from all over the country--not just your own region--so you can be prepared for anything that comes your way. Over the course of the Ziggy season, I've gotten to hear a wide variety of arguments against my case that I would have never thought of myself, and this has helped me understand where my case is strongest and weakest. I have also greatly improved my speaking style, particularly cross-examination, which has always been troublesome. If you are looking for a way to strengthen your case or try a new case idea, this is definitely the place to do it. Sign up! You won't regret it!”
Elisa Ron, competitor
“Ziggy Online Debate has enabled me to grow and learn about the resolution before tournament season.”
Isaiah Patton, competitor
“We have a small club and my daughter is our only LDer. Ziggy online debate was her only way to get practice before the tournament season. For us it was invaluable! Thank you for the service you provide to our homeschool debate community! It is affordable and the experience you provide is well worth the cost in terms of time and money to participate.”
L. Lueken, judge/PARENT
“Participating in Ziggy Online Debate is a great way to practice debating before the tournament season begins. The debates are affordable and convenient because they take place at home. Also, because the debates are conducted over the internet, debaters can focus…more on improving reasoning and argumentation.”
DJ Franklin, competitor
“Ziggy is great for long-distance partners to get a chance to work together before the season starts, and especially first-timers whether they are long distance or not! I have two sons that are doing TP for the first time, and both have long-distance partners, so I'm hoping I can sign them up!”
Mrs. Wolf, judge/PARENT
“Ziggy is awesome! I love the experience that I've gained from it. I have improved so much in my speaking and my debate skills! Thank you Ziggy!”
Aubrey W., competitor (2018)
“Ziggy Online Debate is a great tool for the students to improve debating skills and to meet other students outside of their own club and region. It is interesting, as it adds another dimension to debating and may sharpen some debate skills not usually used…"
Anonymous, competitor